Meet Steve Krieg

Hi, I’m Steve Krieg, and I am running to become your next Mayor of Lismore.

I was born and raised in Regional Australia, spending most of my childhood working on dairy farms, carting hay, and with shearing teams.

I pursued a degree in education, and after graduating spent a year teaching in Brisbane. I then moved west to work in an agricultural school whose purpose was reforming troubled teens.

From 1998, I had the privilege of teaching in Casino for ten years. I thoroughly enjoyed my time teaching, making many friends who I still hold dear, but I knew that I needed a change. After much soul searching, my wife Julianne (Jules) and I left the security of our profession and bought La Baracca.

It’s been an opportunity that I am grateful for every single day. Our staff, both past and present are an extension of our family. We get the opportunity to meet the most wonderful people and we’re doing something that we love. As they say, if you stand still you go backwards, so we took the opportunity to open Ristretto in 2017. In 2018, with the support of Jules Dad, Steve Hilder, we started Just Drive Driver Education.

My family is my greatest achievement. Five children in total, Sam (24), Jessica (22), Jorgi (14), Annie (12), and Gabrielle (9). They are our world, our motivation and our inspiration. We’ve been faced with many challenges, especially the 2017 flood, but we will always do our best for our kids. My wife Jules is my hero and the love of my life. She manages a house, the businesses, the kids, and hardest of all, me. She is amazing.

Our business experience has taught us many things. The trait that I feel defines me the most as a person is loyalty. I’m loyal to my family, my friends and my staff. I am also loyal to Lismore.

We share some history, this town and I (sorry Cold Chisel) and I am determined to make a positive change in this community.

Lismore deserves to be recognised as the great regional city that it is, and together with my talented team of like-minded friends, we are the change that Lismore so desperately needs.