Jeri Hall

Small business owner and operator (Halls Bus Co)

Jeri and her husband Aaron own and operate Halls Bus Company, which covers various rural areas, such as Numulgi, Bexhill, Whian Whian, Dunoon and Leycester. They have 2 young children who attend school locally in Lismore. Along with the bus company, Jeri and Aaron are also partners in a cattle farm and a rural accommodation facility on the outskirts of Lismore.

Jeri is an extremely community minded person, and is always heavily involved in volunteering in school life. She was the Secretary of the Preschool Management Committee, does weekly reading at school (pre-covid), helps in the canteen, and more. She also co-created an online mother’s group for local women which has nearly 3000 members which focuses on supporting women specifically in our region.

Jeri has previously worked at Southern Cross Uni and St Vincent’s Private Hospital, where she worked closely with the University Council and the board of directors.

Jeri left these jobs to drive school buses when she and her husband bought Halls Bus Co. She loves driving the bus and says it’s all about keeping kids safe, making a positive impact in their day and taking care of them.

She has seen first-hand the importance of safe, reliable local roads – and has even had to fix roads themselves because the Council wouldn’t.