What We Stand For

We need a Council that gets back to the work of fixing our roads, managing your rates and bringing jobs to our town. 

Steve has put together a group of local business and community leaders who are ready to serve on council. They will listen to your needs and put our community first.

Steve and his team are the change Lismore needs.

This change is about providing Lismore with an economically viable and sustainable future. It will secure our city as the regional hub of the Northern Rivers.

Team Steve will focus on getting the basics right (roads, rates and rubbish), whilst also ensuring Council:

  • Manages our money
  • Creates civic pride
  • Sustainably builds for the future

If Lismore City Council has sensible leadership and management, we can return to being the driver of our local economy, and our city and surrounding villages can invest in a sustainable, thriving, community based future.

Policies in Detail

Creates civic pride

This idea surrounds one of the sole purposes of why local government was originally established - to ensure the LGA is well maintained and presentable. This includes:

  • Road repair and maintenance - this is our top priority for local council. We must allocate funds from the budget to fix our roads, but also utilise every possible avenue from both the State and Federal Government to improve the state of the roads.

  • Developing and implementing a strategy to improve our CBD - Currently there is no continuity or consistency with the design of the CBD. In conjunction with CBD landlords, a complete makeover of the city centre would lift the profile, and encourage investment, driving our local economy.

  • Tourism and Sport - we need to actively pursue major events to our city to provide experiences for our community and encourage growth in the local economy. The reintroduction of a tourism and events management arm of council can actively promote Lismore and surrounds as a destination that we can all be proud of.

Sustainably builds for the future

Lismore is the regional hub of the Northern Rivers, and we need our infrastructure to reflect that. Together, our team will:

  • Bring back investment in our town - organisations that want to invest in Lismore need to be encouraged, with processes simplified and streamlined to ensure successful outcomes. There have been too many examples where we have missed opportunities, such as the Lismore Square expansion.

  • Encourage new industries - for Lismore to achieve sustainable growth, we need to continue to develop industry and innovation within our council area. This keeps local jobs in our region and will place us at the forefront of innovation and development.

  • Plan for the future - there needs to be a multigenerational outlook on infrastructure for our LGA. The Dunoon Dam is an example of a project that must be put back on the table for investigation. It may not be the sole solution for water management, but it must be looked at as part of the overall water management policy.

  • Properly consider flood mitigation - this needs action now. Four years after a flood decimated our CBD, nothing has been put in place by this current council to prevent the same happening again.

  • Allow for residential growth – Council needs to make it easy for land to be released. This will allow Lismore and its villages to grow in line with the rest of the Northern Rivers region. This will go a long way in reducing current exorbitant house prices and rental values.

Manages Our Money

The key to any level of government is to ensure ratepayer money is being distributed in the best possible way to achieve maximum output. This can be done on a number of levels:

  • Minimisation of waste - every ratepayer dollar needs to be spent in the best possible manner to achieve the best outcome for the whole community.

  • Streamlining management procedures - the reduction of “red tape” will save a large amount of money on unnecessary costs.

  • Diversifying income streams - there are a number of “sleeping” council assets that need to be used to generate income. GSAC, the quarry and the airport are examples of assets currently running at losses. If there is more constructive management these could become income generators for council.